Boy Do I Feel Stupid--Post #1


Do you ever feel stupid? I do--more often than I like to admit! I don’t like it when I can’t seem to figure out something. It drives me nuts. This is first installment on my blog that more or less chronicles my attempts at trying to understand the Universe and the human significance in the total scheme of Creation. I have written this as much for myself as for anyone else who might read it.

To explore the various subjects in future installments, I have poured over many text books and current best-sellers in the field of cosmology. I have also examined all this in the context of The Holy Bible associated with my Christian upbringing. But before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am not a “bible thumper” no more than I am a theoretical physicist. I am just someone who believes that God was the architect behind everything that exists in my world; but at the same time; I accept nothing else in religion on blind faith alone. To this end, I find science and math fascinating yet wonder how the latest concepts fit into my concepts of God and Creation. Through my reading, I have formed my own opinions as to what I feel are the most logical conclusions.

I invite the reader here to take a journey with me through my thought processes that have evolved from my reading. Up front, I admit that I have very limited knowledge compared to someone, say, that makes their living as a theoretical physicist. I am just a plain old guy who spent most of his life in the field of marketing and now I am basically retired. Like many people who are not connected in any way to science, I am very curious about the latest findings in science nonetheless. And because I am nearing that older age when one’s mortality becomes almost painfully apparent, I find myself examining the purpose of my life and wanting to know more about my Creator. I want to know how “he” created this Universe; and even from what and where. I want to have some closer clue of where Heaven and Hell are located, since one of those places are foretold to be my final destination. These are just some of the questions that haunt me.

This is a journey through the eyes of my mind; and as such, there are many limitations. Along this journey, I expect the reader to travel with me open-minded. I’m just a travel companion here. You may have experience, knowledge and intellectual capacity that far surpasses my own ability to describe the landscape. Any conclusions rest in each person’s own ability to assimilate, intellectually challenge, relate, adopt or discard before forming their final individual opinion.

My intentions are not to persuade the reader to my points of view, but rather to present one man’s opinion regarding God, science and this Universe in which we all share human experience. Most of all though, I wish to understand myself and what purpose my birth and eventual death might have served in the overall process of Creation regardless of how individually insignificant that turns out to be.

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