Thailand, My Second Home

My wife is Thai. We have been married for many years and have 8 children, two of them adopted from Thailand. We own property there and often go to visit with her family and friends. My wife's dream is to build a meditation center in the town where she was born.

This is the first entry of my blog covering Thailand.

This is a photo of my wife and I visiting the school where she attended as a little girl. We gave the school administrators money to buy a computer system and enough extra to sponsor a large, lunch-time party.

That was nine years ago. My hair is grayer now and I have retired from the corporate life.

This is a photo of my wife. She is standing on the balcony of a large Buddhist temple in Thailand:

She too, has aged a bit since this photo was taken 5 years ago.  She is still very beautiful though. She is now 61 years old and I am 67 as I make this blog entry.

Below is an image from the lunch-time party that we financed for the kids at my wife's school. Normally, these kids have only a bowl of rice for lunch each day.

I have tons of photos and stories to tell about Thailand.  This is just the beginning of a journey I would like to share with you over time.

I have included a link here to a story that I wrote many years ago describing one of my fist experiences and impressions in Thailand. It is true and humorous. I think you will enjoy reading it:;jsessionid=3EEBB4DBDAA713FA092F40129B7753AC



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